How did I wind up getting into Glass Blowing? The question everyone asks. It’s not where I started or where I thought I was going, but its where I plan to stay. What lead to Glass was my time working in Pottery. I honestly thought Pottery would be the medium for my artistic endeavors for a while, but something wasn’t quite right about that thought.

In 2011 I decided that I wanted to learn more about pottery as an artform, and maybe try some new materials as well. Haliburton School of the Arts provided a perfect opportunity for me to learn about Pottery, and then Glass Blowing in back to back condensed courses. Although I did love pottery, Glass stole my heart.


There’s something different about Glass as a medium. It is by far the most challenging material I have worked with, but also the most expressive. The fluid nature of Glass, its optics and clarity allow us to pursue concepts and designs that would otherwise be out of reach. Endless varieties of bright, vibrant, transparent and opaque colours, and a seemingly infinite amounts of techniques to learn present can be daunting but open avenues of expression I never knew were there.


Tobias Moriarty


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